Business Planning

What is a business plan?

In brief business plan is a written description of your future business. This is a document that describes what you plan to do and how you plan to do. If you bagged a few lines on a sheet of paper describing what you intend to do in badeshte you actually write a business plan or at least its infancy. Business plans typically used by entrepreneurs seeking funding to present their vision of the potential investors. They are also used by existing companies to outlining the best way path that the company has to go at some time in the future. Managing a successful business without a business plan is almost impossible. Usually most people in Bulgaria see the business plan as a means by which to obtain financing from a credit institution or investor. But actually the business plan for a company is much more important than that. Through this developer is aware of the current state of the company and its market position. It can also plan largely its future development, and the opportunities and problems that may face along the way.

What does a business plan?

Briefly presented the business plan your business objectives, strategies you will use to achieve them, the potential problems that you can find along the way, and the actions with which to overcome them, the management organizational structure and finally the capital that you need to start and run a successful company in the future.
A good business plan should generally accepted guidelines for the form and content. There are three main parts:
-Commercial Concept – where describe its business structure, the main product, and how you plan to make your business successful.
-Marketingova Part – here described and analyzed their potential customers-who they are and where they are, what will make them buy the product and so on. Here also analyze their direct and indirect competitors and how you intend to position to beat them.
-Finansova Part – the financial part contains the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flows, and other important financial ratios. Making this part of the business plan usually requires the help of an accountant and a good software.

How long should your business plan be?

Depending on its nature, any business plan can be useful regardless of volume. Your business plan can be a scribble on a piece of paper or a detailed plan of over 100 pages, describing in detail the past, present and planned future state of your enterprise.
If you have a simple concept that will probably be enough to imagine anything with a few izrecheniya.Ot other hand, if you intend to become a founder of a totally new kind of business or even new industry likely you’ll need a lot more explanation to give up everything, you want those to whom fancy business plan.
The purpose of your plan is also largely determines its volume. If its purpose is to attract millions to put into innovative business venture, you should be able to give detailed and detailed explanations for every aspect concerning the future business, and it must be very persuasive.